Our Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Food so good, you wouldn't want to share

The Red Lions Big Breakfast $22.00

With your choice of eggs, streaky bacon, chorizo sausage, portabello mushroom, roasted tomato, hash brown and eggs your way, served on toast with tomato chutney

Eggs on Toast (GF) $15.00

With your choice of poached, scrambled or fried eggs, served on toast

Hash Brown Stack $18.00

Served with streaky bacon, fresh baby spinach, roasted tomato, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

Eggs Benedict (GF) $18.00

Served with your choice of streaky bacon or smoked salmon with tomato, spinach and hollandaise sauce

Classic French Toast (GF) $18.00

Pan fried banana and streaky bacon drizzled with maple syrup

BLAT Open Sandwich (GF, DF) $15.00

With streaky bacon, crispy lettuce, fresh tomato, avocado mayo and fries

Chefs Pasta $19.00

Vegetarian option available Gluten Free $21.00

Open Angus Pure Steak Sandwich $20.00

Crispy lettuce, fresh tomato, caramelized onion and avocado puree served on a lightly toasted crust

Honey Soy Steak Salad $18.00

Fresh garden salad bed layered with seared Angus Pure steak tossed in honey and soy and topped with parsnip shards

Garlic and Chilli Prawn Salad $18.00

Fresh garden salad layered with garlic and chilli prawns, drizzled with house made aioli and topped with parsnip shards

Pan Fried Chicken Salad $18.00

Fresh garden salad layered with pan fried chicken breast, brie cheese, roasted cashew nuts and topped with parsnip shards

Sea Food Chowder (GF) $18.00

Creamy combination of fish, prawns, mussels potatoes and green peas served with fresh bread

Bowl of fries $9.00

Served with a trio of sauces

Garlic bread $6.00

Mondays & Tuesdays Are 'Gourmet Burger' Nights! $12.50

$12.50 gourmet burger with fries! We have a chicken, bacon and avocado burger, steak and mushroom burger, crumbed fish burger and a mushroom burger. GF and DF options available too!

Wednesdays Are 'Quiz' Nights!

Brush up on some general knowledge at our Quiz Night. This is a real crowd pleaser for young and old alike. A great way to catch up with friends for a good laugh and an excuse to get down to the pub!

Thursdays Are 'Pasta' Nights! $14.00

$14 pasta night is one of the best nights of the week to come down for a meal as we have a whole extra menu of pasta! That gives you three menus to choose from!

Cheese Platter $24

Fried goat cheese balls, oven baked camembert, Kapiti smokey cheddar with fresh pear, fresh relish, nuts and crackers. Serves two

Tiramisu Semifreddo $14

With house made Baileys salted caramel ice cream

Sticky Date Pudding $14

Served with white chocolate and pecan mousse and butterscotch sauce

Caramelised Apple Mille Tuile $14

With creme patisserie, candied apple, apple and cinnamon ice cream

Chocolate Chilli and Lime Mousse $14

Served on a chocolate crumb

Kids Sundaes $5.50

Chocolate raspberry butterscotch