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Blackboard / Bar Menu

Food so good, you wouldn't want to share

Mondays & Tuesdays Gourmet Burger $12.50

Mondays & Tuesdays It's our $12.50 GOURMET BURGER night from 5.00pm - For only $12.50 with fries, its the perfect excuse to not cook and come in for dinner. It's quick and oh so yummy! We have our famous chicken, bacon and avocado burger, steak and mushroom, fish or vegetable burger.

Wednesday Pasta Night $14.00

Wednesday -  PASTA Pasta night every Wednesday from 5pm. We have an entire menu for pasta and they are all only $14 each, as well as $6 Bruschetta, you can't miss this every Wednesday!

Fridays - 330grm Rump with fries gravy eggs and salad $18.00

Fridays Tradies night from 5pm on Friday a massive 330grm Rump with fries, gravy, fried eggs and salad

Cheese Platter $24

Fried goat cheese balls, oven baked camembert, Kapiti smokey cheddar with fresh pear, fresh relish, nuts and crackers. Serves two

Tiramisu Semifreddo $14

With house made Baileys salted caramel ice cream

Sticky Date Pudding $14

Served with white chocolate and pecan mousse and butterscotch sauce

Caramelised Apple Mille Tuile $14

With creme patisserie, candied apple, apple and cinnamon ice cream

Chocolate Chilli and Lime Mousse $14

Served on a chocolate crumb

Kids Sundaes $5.50

Chocolate raspberry butterscotch

Fish of the Day - Half $16.00

Crumbed, Battered or Pan-fried, served with a green salad, fries and aioli

Fish of the Day - Full $24.00

Crumbed, Battered or Pan-fried, served with a green salad, fries and aioli

300g Angus Pure Beef Rump $24.00

Served with fried eggs a green salad, fries and gravy

Chicken Schnitzel $20.00

Served with a green salad, fries and gravy

Crispy Chicken Wings $20.00

With your choice of Honey Soy, BBQ or HOT and Spicy sauce served with a garden salad and fries

Fresh NZ Mussels (GF) $14.00

Served in a creamy garlic sauce and served with fresh bread

Beef Mince or Vegetarian Bean Nachos (GF) $14.00

On a bed of corn chips topped with sour cream

Steak and Mushroom Burger (GF) $17.00

With a side of fries and tomato sauce

Chicken Bacon & Avocado Burger (GF) $17.00

With a side of fries and tomato sauce

Vegetarian Mushroom Burger (GF) (V) $17.00

With a side of fries and tomato sauce

Crumbed Fish Burger (GF) $17.00

Served with fries and tomato sauce

Basket of Fries - Small $6.00

Basket of Fries - Large $9.00

Seasoned Wedges $12.50

Served with stready bacon, spring onion, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce

Garlic and Tarragon Bread $6.00

Mixed Bar Platter $25.00

With your choice of BBQ, Hot and Spicy, Soy and Honey chicken wings, garlic bread, samosa and springrolls with sweet chilli sauce and fresh coleslaw